PVD Concept is a Belgian-based design and manufacturing company that produces innovative lighting. All products are designed by Patrik van Daele and are patented for Europe. We are proud to deliver Belgian quality, with all of our production facilities located in Belgium.

To date, four collections have been designed, created and distributed by PVD Concept: White Line, Kessler, Nona | Simply, and Mirror.


White Line (indoor)

In 2004, PVD Concept started developing its own fittings, and production started in 2006. One of the first product ranges manufactured was the WHITE LINE interior lighting collection. Seeing a need for new lighting elements in the market, Patrik decided to develop them himself. The White Line collection started out with surface-mounted fixtures, subtle and inconspicuous thanks to their limited height, but still adjustable. The standard models come in 3 height variants: 40 mm, 70 mm and 100 mm, all now available in LED.

Since 2016, this collection has been further expanded with a series featuring small power LEDs as central design elements. Subsequently, the offer of surface-mounted lighting was complemented with recessed lighting, both trimmed and trimless. In addition to the standard models, this SLOT range can also be made to measure in terms of colour, length and light colour. The possibilities are virtually endless. It fits discreetly into the existing environment due to its unobtrusive design. In 2019, this SLOT series received international recognition when it won the RED DOT Design Award.


Kessler (indoor)

Kessler licht technik GmbH is a German producer of minimalistic and intuitive LED lighting systems that have won several awards. In 2018, they received the RED DOT Design Award for the DOT spot. PVD Concept is a distribution partner exclusively for the Benelux, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The White Line Slot collection and the Dot spot are a perfect match, combining top quality with endless possibilities. The design can be integrated into any existing architecture without being too intrusive. The Dot spot is a highly flexible micro or mini LED spot for magnetic tracks. These tracks can be incorporated into the profiles of the White Line Slot collection. The spotlight can be placed anywhere on the track thanks to its magnetic base, allowing it to rotate 360°, and it can also tilt 90°. The screw cap on the spotlight head enables easy replacement of optical components such as lenses (18°, 26°, 36°) and attachments. The Dot spot can be easily modified at any time. It is available in 4 different sizes and luminous flux levels, depending on the version: DOT 10, DOT 16, DOT 20 and DOT 30, with respective outputs of 50 lm, 100 lm, 150 lm and 300 lm.


Nona | Simply (outdoor)

Most of the NONA|SIMPLY outdoor lighting collection has a bronze finish. We opted for an unobtrusive design in natural colours that blends in with nature. Bronze is perfect for outdoor lighting because of the patina it gets over the years, and it does not rust. The remainder of the range is available in stainless steel (Inox 316L), which can be finished in different colours: black, white, braungrau, chrome and dark bronze. The entire collection is available in LED. Our outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to fade into the background, so all the focus is on the light itself.


Mirror (outdoor)

In 2016, we added MIRROR to our outdoor lighting collection. With both a Spot and a Linear version, this product is a true innovation in the lighting market. Subtle, stylish and minimalistic, this design is a great fit for almost any setting. The subtly reflective RVS 316L model, in high-gloss polished stainless steel, blends seamlessly into its surroundings. It is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a touch of sophistication, with beautiful lighting that does not overly attract attention – complementing rather than detracting from the natural outdoor environment.


All these collections come with a five-year warranty, covering both the LED module and the casing of the fixture. The standard two-year warranty applies to the driver. This warranty is only valid if the device was installed in accordance with the instructions provided.


Each and every one of our products is based on years of experience, designed to the highest standards in terms of functionality and simplicity. We hope you will be as excited by our collections as we are.